Apoco Si

Apoco Si

What does poco si mean in Spanish?

A friend of mine from Mexico sent me a message: A little yes, I don't understand.


Some pits:

She: Do you want me to be your girl? Don't think I'm a good boy or a good boy.

I said, OK) Maybe oh seriously? MDR

Ira: Will Ira be a little? Yes of course

So I didn't understand the text.

un poco is used to express minor (or false) disbelief.

Are you sure he's 15 years older? "just a little!

So, in context, it gets frozen. Are you serious Original?

Short translation

Literally a little yes based on my thirty words in Spanish. The rest depends on the text message, it may indicate partial approval or something good. English can be equal to 40/60. Watch the rest of the conversation and see if this idea makes sense.

This is a Mexican idiom that literally translates to the lower case t of ja, which means partial but not complete agreement.

For example, help

Spanish Original Spanish

just a little. If he has an accent, it means he does. Maybe it's short.

Apoco Si