Definition of Apocalyptic:

  1. Indicative or predictive of something extremely bad in the future. The tone of the report was so negative, and the results so extremely bad, that the report seemed to convey an apocalyptic outcome for the company. The term comes from the biblical notion of the Apocalypse, a time of revelation and destruction.

  2. Describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.

Synonyms of Apocalyptic

Prophetic, Predictive, Visionary, Biblical, Gospel, Mosaic, New-Testament, Old-Testament, Apostolic, Augural, Auguring, Bad, Baleful, Baneful, Betraying, Black, Bodeful, Boding, Canonical, Dark, Dire, Direful, Disclosing, Disclosive, Divinatory, Doomful, Dreary, Evangelic, Evangelistic, Evil, Evil-starred, Exposing, Eye-opening, Fateful, Fatidic, Foreboding, Forecasting, Foreseeing, Foretelling, Forewarning, Fortunetelling, Gloomy, Gospel, Haruspical, Ill, Ill-boding, Ill-fated, Ill-omened, Ill-starred, Inauspicious, Inspired, Lowering, Mantic, Menacing, Of evil portent, Ominous, Oracular, Portending, Portentous, Predictional, Predictive, Predictory, Prefigurative, Prefiguring, Presageful, Presaging, Presignificative, Presignifying, Prognostic, Prognosticative, Prophetic, Revealed, Revealing, Revelational, Revelatory, Scriptural, Showing, Sibyllic, Sibylline, Sinister, Somber, Talkative, Textual, Textuary, Theopneustic, Threatening, Unfavorable, Unfortunate, Unlucky, Unpromising, Unpropitious, Untoward, Vaticinal, Vaticinatory, Weather-wise

How to use Apocalyptic in a sentence?

  1. The apocalyptic visions of ecologists.

Meaning of Apocalyptic & Apocalyptic Definition