Apex Predator Lyrics

Apex Predator Lyrics

What does Otis Apex Predator's song mean?

Well, Emerald, you are going in the right direction, but I beg you to disagree. I think it's more because the narrator (not necessarily the poet who makes the narrator a man or a woman, readers don't know) is insane, under pressure and wants to get my suicide out of control. He thinks that his victims (the three women in this song) seduce him. The song begins with a woman knocking on a door, until the narrator locks her in a room, crawls on her, scrapes the wall, scrapes the gauze, cuts the string (tie) from which she pulls. Is. Dye OK (restrictions) ... it seems like all these things are making fun of him. His pain, his fear and his desire to escape relieved him. He advertises himself as a hunter who quenches his thirst by lying to her. If Audi moves, Audi will be injured in battle. However, the fighting excited him and quenched his thirst. So he broke it and closed it to remind her he wasn't lost, because at least she was still with him. Bleach to clean everything.

The other woman has a broken arm (a fight between the narrator and herself) and is heartbroken. He creates another that he wants to use, and the other fights until he is killed. Close the door and the rest is up to your imagination. He describes himself as a boss who fulfills his dreams.

However, he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he took his prey and lost control. d and destroys them, destroys them there

The meaning of hunter

The meaning of peak

I don't know if you noticed, but it's not in this song. Otup is a woman, another woman sings.

Meaning Mr. Traitor Grand NK Railway means Van Hallen Street means Blues Johnny Winter means Blues Women Spencer Davis Group Women What do you mean Luther Snake Boy Johnson BQ means Mr. Miss the Beatles?

Thanks for understanding the meaning of the song so well. :)

Apex Predator Lyrics