Aparelho Verde Mar

Aparelho Verde Mar

Who uses the fairy April, which is the color of rubber but cool that you guys already have? ۔

What color do you think makes it worse? Placey's face 1 month and minus Boraha © © Rose, I liked it first! What is the legal way you are going to do this week?

Play red and blue, which are the most common)

Good friend, I already have them all as wise as you think ...

Rose (of course) put an gets roar very quickly. (Dark) Debut remains.

Green ...

Orange .. Discount and funny

Transparent ... stains with everything you eat and looks like teeth can take ...

Lots of beautiful places ...

Blue and pink ... it gets sweet very quickly.

Green and Pink ... (Black) It looks so beautiful ...

Pink ... the law jumps very fast.

Black ... in two honeys prq ± debota

Purple ... very good prq ± fades

Dark blue ... stays prq ± fades good

Red ... it looks great because you can see April and it fades a lot.

Silver ... one or two of my favorites ... ades fades © so great.

Golden ... one of my two favorites ... Â Looks great.

And others who remember my strengths have experienced how the Good Luck League SP has helped.

Oh! I am using a device that lasts for 7 years, it will take a few days and I will be happy to set it up or move it. I like all colors, blue, green (© © or green like © but natural or other), orange, purple, red, pink. So what I missed was transparent, dark gray and other likes that I don't remember. Juice

He said or red ... horn of thought, but repeated until I put April so I asked red borhas = Pp

Besides red, I liked black ... and I also liked pink clearing !!

Other than that color, I only used Claire Blue and currently ten silver ...

My red hair here will be black or clarinet pink ... and maybe one day I'll try or red hair ...

A lump I will never put ... green (no green), dark blue, yellow or orange ...

Aparelho Verde Mar

Aparelho Verde Mar

Just a clean part, hurry.

Black that I didn't like, it looks like you're here or you can.

Yellow, you go crazy.

You want to be careful, use gray.

I like Clarin Green and Baby Blue.

I was going to talk about blue light and red but ... you want other colors ...

I liked Leila, NCO and Kala.

I didn't like yellow, fluorescent green or pink.

Fê ... I used it 3 years ago appeared, used for pink, pink, gray ... I liked more sensible colors.

I recently had to wear transparent hair again, I chose resin. He doesn't even seem to see you very closely ...


Aparelho Verde Mar