Ao Seu Lado

Ao Seu Lado

By you or by you? !!? How was it done !!? 3

I adjusted !! With you or with you?!?!

There is no such thing as Isa / AO (?) Your great love for you


To you

Having an offer

Side Ao is more commonly used, but indicates the ■■■■■ or gives it as an article O.

But it is also protected by you, but does not require use or article.

That's why I'm running like two lanes.

Your Portuguese teacher is with you!



Our agents know that there is no other private memo on your page.

Can be added to your side.

Ao Seu Lado

Ao Seu Lado

I would say both are correct, but generally the same method is used.

Which Par or prepositiona or A + O (because masculine gên: O side). Do you want to paint Also tired: and that you really like that aspect of you. im, a word its number is immediately repeated, which makes the sentence even more beautiful. :)

It depends on what you want to do ...

You have to be right.

Your page

Ao Seu Lado