Anytime Fitness Student Discount

Anytime Fitness Student Discount

Does Anytime Fitness offer a student discount?

| Based on our research, it appears that AnytimeFitness cannot currently offer a student discount. For more information on Maritime Fitness’s student discount rules, please visit the customer service page here.

How much does an Anytime Fitness member cost?

Anytime Fitness membership fees and contracts depend on the desired membership type and location, but the average cost is generally between 30 and 36 / month, but in other clubs the membership fees are 44 for a single monthly membership and 39 for a 12 month subscription.

Does 24-hour fitness also have a student discount?

Student discounts are available in some locations. What they offer: In-studio classes, personal training, training tips, a personalized training app, and 24-hour access. All you need to do is speak to your 24-hour fitness center to find out the details.

Don’t forget your student ID!Do gyms offer student discounts in addition to the above?

Discounted 24-hour fitness college gym memberships - this can vary by location. Local Gyms - Local gyms and recreation centers may also grant discounts to students. If your school has fitness and recreational facilities, chances are they are available as long as you are good at them.

How much does the Anytime Fitness 2019 subscription cost?

Typically, to get an annual subscription, you need to pay a registration fee of 49.99, an annual fee of 407.99 ( ​​33.99 per month), and 35 for a keychain. Of course, these prices are what you can expect from your local Anytime Fitness facility.

Can I cancel a training subscription at any time?

Why can’t we cancel an Anytime Fitness subscription?

Of course, you can cancel your membership. Just talk to the biggest person in your personal club.

Can I block my Anytime Fitness subscription?

Yes, you can block your subscription for up to 90 days: once every 12 months. That’s a $ 5 a month freeze. The account must be valid for all payments before the block can begin.

Can I bring a friend to Anytime Fitness?

Does Anytime Fitness allow guests?

What is your visitor policy?

Sure! We allow guests if you want a friend.

How much does it cost to start fitness at any one time?

Unlike most franchise systems, where franchisees charge a percentage of sales, owners also pay a flat monthly fee of 499 to Anytime. The startup cost ranges from 46,299 to $ 321,899, depending on the size of the game.

What is the cheapest gym?

Five Affordable Workout Subscriptions

How Much Does A Couple’s Anytime Fitness Membership Cost?

Anytime Fitness membership fees start at 30 to 40 per month for one person and 50 to 70 for a couple. Some locations offer discounts for groups, retirees and employees of certain companies.

How much do Anytime Fitness personal trainers pay?

The typical salary for a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness is 18. AnytimeFitness personal trainer salaries can range from 10 to $ 33. That estimate is based on 27 Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer salaries. .

Can I use any type of exercise?

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, AnytimeFitness gyms are always open. Best of all, when you join an Anytime gym, you get access to over 3000 gyms worldwide at no extra cost. Find the nearest Anytime Fitness ONLINE today.

Can I use someone else and use fitness 24 hours a day?

Can I add friends or family to my 24-hour fitness subscription?

Yes, you can add friends, relatives and / or children (children aged 1218 and over) to your membership * when registering online or in the club.

Planet Fitness is free for students?

A free teen membership is available on the AnyPlanet Fitness website.

How can I get a free training subscription?

8 Legitimate Ways To Use The Gym For Free

Can You Negotiate A Gym Membership?

Negotiate a deal.

How much does 24 hours of fitness cost per hour?

The typical rate for a 24-hour training service is 10. 24 Hour Fitness Service Agents can cost anywhere from 8 to $ 15.

How much does 24-hour fitness cost at Costco?

Costco currently offers two excellent 24-hour training plans. Currently, members can purchase a two-year AllClub Sport membership for just 429.99 or a two-year AllClub Super Sport membership for 699.99. It breaks down to 18 and 29 per month respectively.

How much does 24 hours of fitness cost per month?

Pay membership fees starting at $ 31.99 / month when you sign up to select 24-hour fitness memberships. Click here to find out more. Enter your location and desired membership and find prices for 24-hour training courses.

Afraid of being involved?

How much does a 24 hour training start cost?

Would you like to take family and friends to …

and friends from the club?

Add a family member to your monthly payment plan for a 0 membership fee and a single 29.99 monthly fee. The Keep Fit AllClub Sport membership includes access to over 350 clubs or a monthly fee of $ 26.99 for Keep Fit OneClub Sport.

Does the 24-hour fitness center have a swimming pool?

24-Hour Gym Provides Club Access for North Bay Residents

Are there any discounted fitness students in Los Angeles?

They don’t offer discounts for student gyms, but you can often get free trials and participate in offers all year round. You can visit this page regularly to see the latest offers from LAFitness.

Anytime Fitness Student Discount