Anti-SLAPP Law

Anti-SLAPP Law,

Anti-SLAPP Law Definition:

  1. Legislation designed to compete with the Strategic Assessment of Public Partnership (SLAPP). To reduce or limit criticism, SLAPP lawsuits often involve individuals suing large, wealthy corporations or small defendants. Therefore, SLAPP legal claims (and anti-SLAPP laws) are particularly relevant to large media organizations and media professional responsibilities. Many states have enacted anti-SLAPP laws to provide defendants with a cheap way to win a lawsuit that restricts free speech in matters of public interest. Most anti-SLPP laws place the burden of proof on the claimant (ie, the claimant must show that they have sufficient evidence to reach a positive decision before legal proceedings begin). In addition, if the defendant succeeds in terminating the anti-SLA app, he can claim payment of reasonable lawyer compensation from the plaintiff.

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