Anti-diversion clause

Anti-diversion clause,

Definition of Anti-diversion clause:

  1. Often, in practice, you may see anti-diversion shortened to just diversion.

  2. The anti-diversion clause is a regulation that prevents exported goods from going to destinations not approved by the government. In the United States, the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Export Administration requires commercially exported goods to be accompanied by a destination control statement saying that the goods are only authorized for export to certain locations and that U.S. law prohibits their diversion. The latter part of this statement is the anti-diversion clause.

  3. A law that prohibits exports from being shipped to locations forbidden by the government. The United States Bureau of Export Administration requires all exports to be shipped with a destination control statement that states the destination of the exported goods, and the law prohibits the goods from being diverted to any other destination.

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