Anthropomorphic / Anthropomorphism / Anthropomorphous

Anthropomorphic / Anthropomorphism / Anthropomorphous,

What Does Anthropomorphic / Anthropomorphism / Anthropomorphous Mean?

  • It is also known as personal, it is about giving human features to non-human objects like animals or trees or sun, moon, gods, cartoon characters etc. To create a dramatic visual effect. Metaphors and pleasures, etc. This is a very, very old concept. Anthropomorphic features have been found in 30,000 year old sculptures. The word is in the Greek language and comes from the forms Arthropos, Mansch and Morph.

Literal Meanings of Anthropomorphic / Anthropomorphism / Anthropomorphous


Meanings of Anthropomorphic:
  1. Evangelical or its characteristic

Sentences of Anthropomorphic
  1. Explain the behavior of animals in anthropomorphic terms.


Meanings of Anthropomorphism:
  1. Attributes of human characteristics or behavior to gods, animals or objects

Sentences of Anthropomorphism
  1. Native Americans also felt a deep attachment to bears because of the many common forms and behaviors they attribute to humans more easily than other animals.


Meanings of Anthropomorphous:
  1. Man in form (of God, animal or thing) or in nature.

Sentences of Anthropomorphous
  1. Let the great men of humanity move towards all.