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Or the problem is, in fact, it's called spondylolisthesis. It can be an antelope (posterior) or a retrosthesis (posterior). This is the upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Usually between L5 and Sacral and between L4 and L5. This is the click:

Stemica: A physical defect that cannot be found in the joint. Latak: Causes rupture due to load on intermediate joints

Displastic or congenital: Knot between L5S1. The sacrum is so strong that it can support the load and move it forward, thus changing the shape of the facets. It most often appears during the 1216 years or during its development.

Digestive: Long-term ratio instability, unplanned joint process reconstitution and damage. It is also caused by multiple, small compression fractures that form the lower articular process of the spine. Two without L4L5 is more common in women over 40.

Pathological: Secondary to metabolic disease, metastasis or infection. (Rare)

Trauma: Severe sibling results in partial slippage or slippage.

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I may have pain in both legs