Another Word For Facilitate

Another Word For Facilitate

Can I use a word to make it easier for someone to use?

It simplifies the work of the workers, not the ordinary vote.

... make your presentation easy for you.

You do not make the person or worker easy, but you make ACTION possible.

For example, you are not facilitating the withdrawal of troops, you are facilitating the return of troops.

Another word for light

feel good! In fact, I use the same phrase ... I make it easy for my clients ...


To make it easier :: Make it easy, speed it up. Language: Clean (or prepare) the road, lubricate the wheels, (or) open the door for easy viewing

B. Relief: A political agreement that facilitates the withdrawal of troops.

Comfort is a hard and weird word, and I think it will erase it from your mind. You can use really good words: please encourage, make things easier, etc.

You can use the word convenience, but this is incorrect, so it should not be.

Another Word For Facilitate