Another Word For Difficult

Another Word For Difficult

What’s the other word for a difficult project?

Synonyms. like taking blood from a stone. Easier said that done. complex task. difficult mission.

Do you also know what another word for very difficult is?

Strong: extremely difficult. Heavy: Requires a lot of strength. Hercules: Requires a lot of strength or effort. impenetrable: Difficult to penetrate or become impenetrable for reasons of reason, argument.

Also, what is the name of someone who is difficult?

Rude, angry or picky Obsessed with the details of the world, demands precision in this context is good, and even demanding, Extremely special, demanding or fussy about details Difficult to talk about problem solving.

Which two words mean the same hard thing?

Difficult, difficult, tiring means a lot of effort or effort. Difficult means the opposite of everything that is easy. Breeding is a difficult job, difficult is the presence of obstacles to overcome or puzzles to solve, which suggest the need for skill or courage.What makes life difficultHaving a difficult life means having a life of hardships, setbacks and bad experiences, but that only depends on how you see life itself. If you look at life positively, think, feel or find it difficult.

What does it mean to be tough?

Adjective. A strong person is strong and determined and can endure hardship or pain. She has built a reputation for being a tough but honest business woman. Synonyms: strong, determined, aggressive, powerful Other synonyms for tough. Tenacity of countless names.

What are the antonyms?

Definition of antonyms An opposite is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, the opposite of hot can be cold. The root words of the word antonym are the words anti, which means against or contrary, and onym, which means name. Synonyms and antonyms are just the opposite.

What is the adjective for challenge?

Adjective. test your skills, perseverance etc: a course that requires a challenging game. stimulating, interesting and stimulating: a stimulating proposal.

What does it mean to stab someone?

Create some hope. Destroy all floors, drawers or illusions. This autumn, for example, the hope of a gold medal was disappointed. This term uses a hyphen to denote destruction, a usage that survives only in that idiom. [

How do you describe difficult?

Adjective, difficult uh, difficult it is. not soft to the touch firm and firm, which cannot withstand pressure and are impenetrable or nearly impenetrable. firmly formed firm: a hard knot. difficult to do or exhausting difficult to achieve: a difficult task.

What is a spelling rule?

A hyphen () is a punctuation mark used to combine words or parts of words. It cannot be replaced with any other type of hyphen. A dash is longer than a dash and is often used to indicate an area or section. The most common types of hyphens are hyphen (-) and hyphen (-).

What do you say if you don’t understand the language of others?

Aphasia is a disease caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control language. Anomic aphasia You have difficulty using the right word to describe objects, places or events. Global aphasia You cannot speak, understand language, read or write.

How do you describe a complicated person?

The definition of complicated is someone or something that is difficult to understand or difficult to undo. A romantic relationship with more than two people is an example of complicated. A Rubik’s cube is an example of a complicated puzzle.

Is difficult a negative word?

A word can have a positive, neutral or negative connotation. (The word difficult has a negative connotation. It indicates that problems are ahead of you. Challenge has a positive meaning.

What is a challenge word?

A challenge is something that challenges you and peace The challenge comes as a verb of a Latin word which erroneously means to accuse, and is still widely used as it was in the 13th century, meaning that something is true or correct, word called?

sesquipedalian. polysyllabic.

How do you say difficult to understand?

Synonyms for difficult to understand, confuse, confuse, confuse, incomprehensible, confuse, confuse, incomprehensible … abstract.

Another Word For Difficult