Definition of Anomaly:

  1. Normal, normal or slightly different from expected.

  2. Market inequalities are performance impairments as opposed to effective market hypotheses (EMHs). Price irregularities occur when an item, ie b. The stock price is different from the forecast model.

  3. Treatment: Physical disability or abortion.

  4. In business and financial matters, errors arise when, based on certain assumptions, the actual results deviate from the expected results of the model. Irregularities prove that some assumptions or models do not apply in practice. The model can be relatively new or old. In the financial sector, the two most common types of irregularities are market inequality and price instability.

  5. Angular distance between a planet or a satellite and its last perelion or peregrine.

  6. An unusual leave of absence. The chapter looks for anonymous data that could identify bugs in the system.

Synonyms of Anomaly

Aberration, Derangement, Conceit, Prodigy, Freakishness, Conversation piece, Oddity, Irregularity, Inferiority, Rarity, Twist, Erraticness, Dottiness, Nonconformist, Nonconformity, Inconsistency, Inadmissibility, Crank, Strangeness, Aberration, Aberrancy, Mesalliance, Nonesuch, Abnormality, Heteromorphism, Idiosyncrasy, Crankism, Misfit, Variation, Whimsicality, Unnaturalness, Peculiarity, Quirk, Monstrosity, Anomalism, Unconventionality, Departure, Crackpotism, Unfitness, Crotchet, Exception, Oddball, Prodigiosity, Difference, Uncongeniality, Sport, Crosspatch, Impropriety, Divergence, Improbability, Museum piece, Amorphism, Mannerism, Differentness, Queerness, Mismatch, Freakiness, Individualist, Inappositeness, Infelicity, Deviation, Inaptitude, Misalliance, Trick, Crotchetiness, Inappropriateness, Whimsy, Subnormality, Aberrance, Anomalousness, Idiocrasy, Kink, Crankiness, Exception, Maladjustment, Quirkiness, Irrelevance, Inapplicability, Singularity, Inaptness, Misjoining, Unnaturalism, Whim, Oddity, Curiosity, Abnormity, Divergence, Irrelevancy, Maggot, Erraticism, Freak, Unsuitability, Misjoinder, Deviancy, Deviation, Quirk, Strange thing, Incongruity, Superiority, Curio, Teratism, Naysayer, Abnormality, Inner-directed person, Peculiarity, Quip, Eccentricity, Freak, Irregularity

How to use Anomaly in a sentence?

  1. Corruption is an event that differs from the predictions of the economic model and weakens the basic assumptions of these models.
  2. Most market anomalies are psychological.
  3. He thinks shooting is an anomaly, but he really enjoys playing basketball.
  4. In markets, models that go against the assumptions of efficient markets, such as the effect of the B calendar, are a good example.
  5. There are several anomalies in the current system.
  6. This processing effort resulted in the determination of the Earth's satellite's magnetic penis.
  7. However, with the publication of information about them, the anomalies quickly disappear.
  8. Dr. Davis told him it was a medical condition, because the tumor had shrunk on its own and no longer needed radiation therapy.

Meaning of Anomaly & Anomaly Definition