Annuity Due

Annuity Due,

Annuity Due: What is the Meaning of Annuity Due?

Annuity Due means: Pension rent is paid at the end of the term, not at the end of the term.

You can define Annuity Due as, An annual allowance is an annual allowance that is paid immediately at the beginning of each term. Rent rent is a common pattern of annual payment delays, as homeowners usually request payment at the beginning of the new month, rather than let the tenant enjoy the benefits of the apartment throughout the month.

  • Income Allowances are annuals that are paid immediately at the beginning of each term.
  • An annual allowance can be compared to a normal annual, which is paid at the end of each term.
  • A typical example of an annual payment is the rent paid at the beginning of each month.

Literal Meanings of Annuity Due


Meanings of Annuity:
  1. Usually for a lifetime, someone is paid a certain amount each year.

Sentences of Annuity
  1. You have a 1000 pension

Synonyms of Annuity

payment, pocket money, sum of money, remittance, contribution, consideration, handout, grant, subsidy, maintenance, financial support, subsistence, benefit, stipend, pension, annuity, keep, upkeep, expenses


Meanings of Due:
  1. Expected or expected at some point.

  2. With the right quality or the right size.

  3. Someone is right about what they should do.

  4. Payment of mandatory fees.

  5. (Referring to a point on the compass) directly.

Sentences of Due
  1. The baby is expected in August

  2. Driving without care or attention

  3. More than that, it attracts criticism

  4. I have paid union dues for years

  5. Head south again on the same road

Synonyms of Due

expected, required, awaited, anticipated, scheduled for, proper, right and proper, correct, rightful, fitting, suitable, appropriate, apt, adequate, sufficient, enough, ample, satisfactory, requisite, rightful treatment, fair treatment, deserved fate, just punishment