Annuities – Immediate Non-variable

Annuities – Immediate Non-variable,

Annuities – Immediate Non-variable: What is the Meaning of Annuities – Immediate Non-variable?

  1. Pension agreements that pay a fixed pension at the end of the first payment period after purchase. The range may vary, but annual payments must begin within 13 months.

Literal Meanings of Annuities – Immediate Non-variable


Meanings of Immediate:
  1. Both right away. It's over.

  2. Relative or present today

  3. Closest in time, proportion or limit.

  4. Closest or closest to the room

  5. Without intermediaries or direct representation (of any relationship or action).

  6. (Knowledge or reaction) acquired or demonstrated without intuitive thinking.

Sentences of Immediate
  1. The success of the books was immediate

  2. As a result, the symbolic system that once allowed immediate recognition of women's status came to an end.

  3. Brown responded to this basic issue as soon as he was notified.

  4. However, these concepts are presented at once, without being directly applied to students.

  5. Don't try to do everything at once and expect immediate physical changes.

  6. But then you see, it's about instant gratification, instant gratification.

  7. Anyone violating the yellow card will be immediately arrested and sentenced to three months in prison.

Synonyms of Immediate

just gone, quick, present, swift, close, on-the-spot, instantaneous, not long past, next-door, speedy, closest, primary, rapid, prompt, actual, existing, expeditious, near, extant, existent


Meanings of Variable:
  1. (Of the wind) whose direction changes.

  2. (Quantity) which can take multiple numeric values.

  3. (Of a kind) which may be different from the normal color or shape or may appear in a different color or shape

  4. It can be edited or customized.

  5. (Transmission) Designed for variable ratio or speed.

  6. Items, functions or factors that may vary or change.

  7. When calculating the amount, it is assumed that it will fluctuate or its value fluctuates.

  8. Data element that can have more than one value during program execution.

  9. Areas of light winds that may change north of northeast trade winds or (in the southern hemisphere) between southeast trade winds and westerly winds.

Sentences of Variable
  1. Rewards can vary.

  2. Local weather patterns vary widely and only changes in the long-term average are significant.

  3. Menopause is a highly variable event in time and pattern.

  4. All eligible members receive an allocation of 185 shares and a variable amount depending on the duration of the contract and the amount invested.

  5. Traders have an annual income that depends on the annual income and consists of a variable amount.

  6. The different signs and symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal are often contradictory due to different doses and blends of drugs.

  7. This process divides projected costs into approximately fixed and variable items and estimates the budget for each.

  8. If necessary, the costs are divided into fixed and variable components to better determine which option is the most economical.

  9. There are two types of interest to choose from, namely: fixed interest rate and floating interest rate.

  10. Make a table and list your fixed and variable expenses, including your weekly lottery ticket purchase.

  11. Financial reporting templates vary from company to company and from time to time.

Synonyms of Variable

temperamental, unsteady, wavering, kaleidoscopic, unreliable, shifting, fluctuating, protean, vacillating, unsettled, unfixed, changing, fitful, mutable, unpredictable, uneven, irregular, undependable, floating, volatile, varying, inconstant, chameleonic, capricious, fluid, movable, inconsistent, fickle