Annual Premium

Annual Premium,

Annual Premium Definition:

  1. Annual Premium refers to This is the amount you pay the insurance company each year for the policies you buy.

  2. A simple definition of Annual Premium is:

    The total amount of premium you pay each year is known as annual or annual premium. Insurers offer several premium payment options, including monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Many insurers offer discounts on annual policy payments.

  3. The price that the insurer pays for your insurance. Presents

  4. Annual Premium definition is: The amount of premium that is paid each year to comply with the terms of the policy agreement and to pay it with full force. Should be paid

Literal Meanings of Annual Premium


Synonyms of Annual

yearly, once-a-year, every twelve months


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Amount paid for an insurance policy.

Sentences of Premium
  1. If the calculations are correct, the income of the pensionable worker includes the premium in addition to his salary which he should pay to the insurance company for equal rights.

Synonyms of Premium

insurance charge, insurance payment, regular payment, instalment, surcharge, additional payment, extra amount, extra charge, additional fee, bonus, extra, percentage, perk, recompense, remuneration, prize, reward