Anne Pro 2 vs ducky one 2 mini

In this article” Anne pro 2 vs Ducky one 2 minis”, I will give you the comparison and reviews about the two mechanical keyboards “Anne pro 2 vs Ducky One 2 mini”. I will evaluate and discuss their differences, features, uses, designs, functions, etc


Anne Pro 2 vs Ducky one 2 mini:**

. These two keyboards look similar at first sight but have great or unique differences between them. This article helps you in choosing the best keyboard which suits you and helps you in your offices and homes in an easy way. I am going to walk you to go through both these keyboards with their pros and cones that help you to decide which is good for you. Anne Pro 2 or ducky one 2 minis are 60 % compact full-size keyboard and that get by removing some keys for example num pad, function keys, navigational keys, and the arrow keys. The main difference between them is Anne pro 2 can be wired or wireless but the Ducky one is just wired only. Both have excellent typing experience.

“Anne pro 2 vs ducky one 2 mini” both are fantastic keyboards but depend upon your choice of what you choose. One clear example is aesthetics or switches, many of you want RGB or none at all or switches that give a particular feel, but it is clear that only one is perfect for you.

Comparing and contrasting side by side:

“Anne pro 2 vs Ducky one 2 mini”

Price and feature:

The Anne Pro 2 is around £100, a good quality keyboard includes RGB lights, Bluetooth connection, large arrays of switches and have good software and boasting PBT keycaps. One question mostly asked where to buy Anne pro 2? You can buy from Ali express and Amazon.
The duck one 2 seems more expensive starting at £130 but has good quality with outstanding durability and great work in PC gaming community.


Both keyboards have to vary switches depends and impact your selection. Switches are the most important aspects and factors depend totally upon your personal choice. You will get to pick Cherry MX switches when going to ducky one 2 minis and will choose Gateron and kailh BOX switches, as well as any Cherry MX, switch too when go for Anne pro 2.

Bluetooth and Pairing:

Anne Pro 2 is wireless and has Bluetooth connectivity and attached the 4 multi-device. Does one question arise on how to connect Anne pro 2 Bluetooth? The answer is to open the Bluetooth switch, press long Fn2+ Bluetooth key 1/2/3/4 until waiting till key blinks then search and find Anne keyboard in your device and then to connect.


Both show the great dealing in their designs also. Their weight or dimensions are the same, both have C connector but in many ways, Ducky one 2 mini does edge ahead here. It has extendable feet with two settings and their RBG lights are brighter then Anne pro 2. It has a unique two-piece casing made of plastic internally saved, the black on the top half and half bottom is black. The logo along with the model name is placed on the backside.

The casing of Anne pro 2 gives in two colors full in white or full in black and made of plastic and also a steel plate inside. No feet on it and high profile edges hide the switches but ducky has no borders. It has four thin rubber feet below the keyboard and also has a logo at the bottom.

Built quality:

Both have double short keycaps means the symbols on each key are solid plastic. Their structure and frame material are also similar which gives a stable typing platform but when you will see in gaming websites, people mostly refer to Ducky one 2 mini for its reliability.


In Anne pro 2, characters will never fade and remove because of the double shot lettering. Each keycap has transparent lettering which allows the RGB to give the perfect brightness and have a keycap puller with the keyboard and have some extra blank keycaps are also present.
Ducky one 2 mini also have double shot PBT and transparent letters but have the option to change the keycaps.


Anne Pro 2 is the successful latest version of Anne pro 2 and has the best OLS/ ObinsKit software. Adjust all the things through the program and is very straightforward to use. No account is required to have onboard memory. You can adjust macros, lighting, layouts, etc but Ducky one 2 mini does not have the software and it is one of its main drawbacks.

How to use Anne pro 2 software? The coding used in a firmware update, RGB light mode, layout Config, and audio visualization.

Extra features:

Anne Pro 2 can pair with up to 4 different devices and have a very good battery 1900mAh and come with software, allowing for complete customization of key bindings, adjustments of layers, etc with the advanced technology therefore it is easier to use then Ducky one 2. One extra feature, albeit small present on the Ducky one 2 mini but not on the Anne is mouse emulation.

Frequently Asked Questions:**

1. Is the Anne pro 2 good?**

The Mac support or remapping keys with Obinslab are a good feature of this keyboard. Also, the tap arrow key feature is great as well, so we can consider it a good keyboard with built quality.

2. Is the Ducky one 2 mini Bluetooth?**

It has amazing features like dazzling RGB lights, BlueTooth connectivity, a large array of switches to choose from, and dedicated software; all allowing awesome personalization.

3.Can you see the Anne Pro 2on ps4?**

Anne pro 2 just connected via USB to the ps4 and it worked fine.


Both have popular 60% compact keyboards amongst gamer and keyboard enthusiasts and feel well-built. Both have their own pros and cons but I think the main difference between them is the fact that Anne pro 2 has Bluetooth wireless and keyboard software like features which is not present in Ducky.

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