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Is safe?

Well you never know, but I would recommend loading an average of 9.0.

I downloaded the virus from all the anime sites, caught it, but after downloading AVG I couldn't find it. Plus, it's free. )

Although I use a lot, you never know where the virus is on the Anime website. There is no such thing as a really good or bad place. The viruses will come to you no matter what anime site you actually use ... or at least that's what I've seen. However, everything is fine. )

Absolutely, but there are still ways to get the virus on this site. With ad block or some content block installed, there are a lot of malicious ads on the site that can lead to redirects (which I personally keep) or other serious viruses / malware. Redirects control your browser and redirect you to other websites. I got it from but deleted it. There's a lot more on this page, but I'm not sure if this malware is active ... not yet. Become Carl, make sure you are safe and if you are already infected with another virus / malware don't go to as it will only make the situation worse. Overall, it's fairly safe, but not 100.

This page can help you.


Is safe?

My computer is very sensitive to viruses, so I try not to load things I am not sure about. I tried to use YouTube, but it doesn't always have every episode and it's really boring. So I use to watch my cell phone and I want to make sure it's safe? ...

Try to go there otherwise it will be safe and you will find almost every series there.

Yes of course.

I don't think it's safe.

When you receive AVG, your computer is completely safe.

Every 4 hours (I think) you get a list of new viruses.

If there is a cure, it will cure your computer, but if there is no cure, you can connect to another computer.

And there's also a name you can type called GOOGLE: watch mobile phone episodes online.

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