Anime Rehab

Anime Rehab

Is there a detox for ionizing people? 3


Alan's answer: Yes! MDR! Twilight is obsessed with a lot! Twilight is the soul of some people.

But I have no problem with twilight.

Restoration has a program for ions. Whether it is widely used as anime ions or ions to measure the tension of your hair, it has the same root, and if it is serious business, its ions in all their forms are similar. Ways can help. Also due to hyhy, it has become common for conventional ions to have a completely different brain center, unlike everyone else, which reacts excessively and creates need while having a detrimental effect on its own. Is, which is more serious and necessary than them. You. Not only from ion experts, but also from doctors.

Lol I don't think it's possible because obsession with care is normal.

But perhaps there is a possibility of a rehabilitation center for twilight fans ...


No, but it could be. The first step was to admit that I was lame and needed to grow up and that my life was wrong.

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