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Anime Bangs

Why do all the downloadable girls do this? Why don't they wear earrings?

They are easy to attract, they incorporate emotions and personality into everything they try to convey. There are some brands that do not have S, it is difficult to make a hairline. You need hair that looks good by making it look fake or weird. Since most people do not have scalp hair, this will be a nuisance to viewers.

Like earrings, some manga / mobile phone series have earrings for their characters, but the simplest earrings are easy to design and many viewers find these earrings boring or straight. If they want to swing, they have to pull it in a swinging motion that leans or bends the figures. For example, if you shake your head, the earrings will fly away. If you design it, you will have to work harder on the earrings than the design.

For example, I help.

I saw it once because I don't have if I want to play it before, but it seems like all the good characters are one! The answers I've got are (1) can be used to express emotions (ie hair style is easy to separate from the front, easy to draw and great for all kinds of dramatic effects) ۔

1. You don't.

2. Because there is no need to design earrings that people do not see.

I asked myself the same question.

It's a cell phone thing, that's all I got. Do mobile phone girls have different hair colors? Because it's a cell phone thing.

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