Angel In Japanese

Angel In Japanese

Dark Angel (Anesthesia) ..?

The Dark Angel is no stranger

Crowe Tanshi means angel.

Dark angel € â â œ © œ ©© â â € € "i € ®Ã¤Â½Â¿Ã ®Ã¤Â½Â¿Ã £ â € € ami €

"Yami, no one can escape the darkness

And Tanshi is an angel.

The angel did not do that


Neither will work because darkness in the dark does not have the same meaning as in English. Dark Angel sounds very dramatic in English because it can be translated in different ways (the SW star as Jessica Alba also helps the boys who like SW). Angels are not really the same, so the opposite doesn't work very well. Sorry, this doesn't really help solve your problem, but it's complicated.

The only authoritative translation is Documentary

Angel In Japanese