Ancy Meaning

Ancy Meaning

What do you mean ???????????????????? ۔

Please help me

Urban Dictionary. com says.


Common spelling mistakes that make you feel like ants are crawling everywhere.

Ralph didn't like sitting too long. Not true.

Ralph panicked as he sat up too late. Okay fine.


are you worried

Jill has been crazy ever since her boyfriend left.


Definition of Anxiety

Definition of fear

I mean you're not wide, you're not even close to it, but you change from moment to moment, no one knows why someone comes to him, but when you talk, drink tea, be patient Do I now !!

Anne means you're nervous or excited like I have to say I want Melinda to say yes this Friday so I can't wait

Main door: Anti-sky.


Action: Adjective

Date: 1838.

1: Restless, restless too: impatient, greedy

2: Panic, anxiety

Ancy Meaning