Anchor tenant

Anchor tenant,

Definition of Anchor tenant:

  1. Usually the first, and the leading, tenant in a shopping center whose prestige and name recognition attracts other tenants and, it is hoped, shoppers. Anchor tenant generally pays rent rate lower than that paid by ancillary tenants.

Meaning of Anchor tenant & Anchor tenant Definition

Anchor Tenant,

What Does Anchor Tenant Mean?

  1. Tenants first store, usually in malls that attract other tenants or buyers.

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Meanings of Anchor:
  1. A heavy object attached to a rope or chain that connected the ship to the bottom of the ocean, usually with a metal rod with a ring at one end of the rope and curves and / or pointed holes on the other. ۔

  2. A moderator, especially in radio or athletics.

  3. Mooring (boat) with anchor on the beach.

  4. Presenter (TV show or sports program)

Sentences of Anchor
  1. The ship, which is no longer supported by anchors, shook extensively

  2. Nineteen years later, he became a CBS broadcaster

  3. The ship was anchored in the air of the island

  4. Launched a series of television documentaries in the early 1980s

Synonyms of Anchor

anchor, harbour, anchorwoman, announce, host, broadcaster, be at anchor, announcer, moor, newscaster, introduce, anchorman, tie up, reporter, berth


Meanings of Tenant:
  1. People who occupy land or land are leased to the landlord.

  2. Occupying (property) as a tenant.

Sentences of Tenant
  1. City tenants

  2. His cousin stayed home

Synonyms of Tenant

lodge in, resident, be established in, take up residence in, ensconce oneself in, establish oneself in, live in, settle in, inhabitant, inhabit, move into, make one's home in, be ensconced in, occupant, be the tenant of, tenant