Definition of Analyze:

  1. To take an accounting item and evaluate it for possible reasons for discrepancies.

  2. Examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation.

Synonyms of Analyze

Examine, Inspect, Survey, Scan, Study, Scrutinize, Look over, Peruse, Air, Alphabetize, Anatomize, Apply reason, Arrange, Assay, Assort, Atomize, Bracket, Break down, Break up, Canvass, Catalog, Categorize, Change, Chop logic, Class, Classify, Codify, Comment upon, Conjugate, Consider, Contradistinguish, Controvert, Deal with, Debate, Decline, Decompose, Deduce, Deliberate, Deliberate upon, Demarcate, Demark, Desynonymize, Difference, Differentiate, Digest, Discourse about, Discriminate, Discuss, Disequalize, Disjoin, Dissect, Distinguish, Diversify, Divide, Draw the line, Examine, Exchange views, File, Generalize, Go into, Grade, Group, Handle, Hyphenate, Hypothesize, Index, Individualize, Individuate, Infer, Inflect, Inspect, Intellectualize, Investigate, Knock around, List, Logicalize, Logicize, Make a distinction, Mark, Mark off, Mark out, Mark the interface, Modify, Order, Parenthesize, Parse, Part, Particularize, Pass under review, Personalize, Philosophize, Pick out, Pigeonhole, Place, Point, Provide a rationale, Punctuate, Range, Rank, Rap, Rate, Rationalize, Reason, Reason about, Reason the point, Reduce, Reduce to elements, Refine a distinction, Resolve, Review, Screen, Screen out, Scrutinize, Segment, Segregate, Select, Separate, Set a limit, Set apart, Set off, Sever, Severalize, Sieve, Sieve out, Sift, Sift out, Sort, Sort out, Specialize, Split hairs, Study, Subdivide, Subtilize, Syllogize, Synthesize, Tabulate, Take up, Talk, Talk about, Talk of, Talk over, Theorize, Thresh out, Treat, Type, Use reason, Vary, Ventilate, Winnow

How to use Analyze in a sentence?

  1. We need to analyze our results more clearly.

Meaning of Analyze & Analyze Definition

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