Definition of Amplitude:

  1. Maximum number of vibrations or syntax measured from equilibrium position.

  2. The angular distance of the celestial body from the actual east or west of the horizon during ascension or at sunset.

  3. Maximum displacement of the balance From the equilibrium position (zero level), the difference between zero level and below the crust or radio, sound, earthquake or other waves.

  4. The angle between the main axis and the vector of the Argand diagram, which represents a complex number.

  5. Spain is used to estimate the volatility of a particular security. The more positive or negative dimensions, the greater the value of the fluctuations. Fluctuations can also indicate a particular investment risk.

  6. The amplitude is the difference in the price of a security between its circular wave (below) and the height or peak of price movement. Amplitudes are positive when calculating fast returns (when calculating from low to high) and negative when calculating high returns (when calculating below peak).

  7. Width, frame or width.

Synonyms of Amplitude

Might, Volume, Matter, Plethora, Quantity, Logorrhea, Capaciousness, Extension, Measurement, Ampleness, Ray, Macrology, Myriad, Gushing, Rampancy, Frequency band, Hugeness, Expansion, Substantialness, Tremendousness, Diffusiveness, Noise, Prevalence, Diffraction, Opulency, Infinity, Amount, Great plenty, Maximum, Formlessness, Lots, Quantities, Fluency, Auditory effect, Generosity, Loudness, Surfeit, Wave equation, Resonance frequency, Intensity, Satiety, Copiousness, Depth, Numbers, Spring tide, Myriads, Comprehensiveness, Plenteousness, Mechanical wave, Stagger, Full, Cloud of words, Gush, Exuberance, Sound intensity level, Frequency spectrum, Boundlessness, Distance across, Longitudinal wave, Dimensions, Gauge, Proportion, Dimension, Proportions, De Broglie wave, Frequency, Fertility, Seismic wave, Flow, Affluence, Liberalness, Auditory phenomenon, Whole, Much, Riot, Sound propagation, Range, Superfluity, Span, Repleteness, Prodigiousness, Wealth, Crest, Repletion, Profuseness, Wavelength, Guided wave, Spate, Measure, Pleonasm, Largeness, Grandness, Power, More than enough, Diameter, Extensiveness, Richness, Extravagance, Reiterativeness, Outpour, Landslide, Overfullness, Wave number, Overflow, Substance, Great scope, Dimensions, Diffuseness, Size, Talkativeness, Stream, Profusion, Outpouring, Abundance, Force, Space, Muchness, Congestion, Flood tide, Bountifulness, High tide, Substantiality, Reach, Impletion, Liberality, Vastness, Bulk, Latitude, Plentifulness, In phase, Strength, Mass, Out of phase, Skin friction, Saturation point, Enormity, Width, Bountiousness, Luxuriance, Commodiousness, Coverage, Mightiness, Spread, Redundancy, Length, Foison, Ultrasound, Extent, Prolificity, Superabundance, Sound, Spaciousness, Wave, Repetition for effect, Wideness, Effusiveness, Sum, Opulence, Tirade, Transverse wave, Capacity, Tautology, Shower, Expansiveness, Formidableness, Area, Greatness, Saturation, Avalanche, Effusion, Resonance, Slip, Enormousness, Radio wave, Gigantism, Height, Fecundity, Productiveness, Node, Size, Diffusion, Rich vein, Generousness, Immensity, Beam, Breadth, Skin effect, Stupendousness, Scads, Distance, Lavishness, Expanse, Reiteration, Sonance, Proportions, Volume, Ample sufficiency, Numerousness, Surface wave, Phone, Plenitude, Interference, Grandeur, Quantum, Electromagnetic wave, Reinforcement, Bigness, High water, Flood, Camber, Scope, Light, Teemingness, Repetitiveness, Full measure, Productivity, Antinode, Electromagnetic radiation, Caliber, Palilogy, Prodigality, Wave motion, Great abundance, Sound wave, Rankness, Broadness, Speech sound, Plenty, Scale, Shock wave, Girth, Rich harvest, Magnitude, Fullness, Superflux, Riotousness, Tidal wave, Flight path, Stretch, Bonanza, Radius, Roominess, Period, Trough, Bumper crop, Magnitude, Prolificacy, Body, Periodic wave

How to use Amplitude in a sentence?

  1. After covering the basic principles, you will begin a scholarly discussion of signal and Fourier analysis, amplitude, angle and pulse modeling and landscaping.
  2. Alpha rhythm length and width.
  3. Scientists can predict the power of the next wave by examining the amplitude of the previous wave and inserting the data into the table.
  4. The scope of rock music is so great that it is unbearable and causes ear and tinnitus in all viewers.
  5. Accidental homicide is less than homicide.
  6. Understanding the amplitude of sound waves It is important for radio transmission technicians to ensure that the music on your radio is delivered in good quality.
  7. In contrast, in a binary star system, both components emit their own light, which allows for much greater amplitude in the total variation of light received in our telescopes.

Meaning of Amplitude & Amplitude Definition