Amount Subject

Amount Subject,

Amount Subject Definition:

  • The amount that can be reasonably expected in the event of a single fire or other damage depends on the coverage and the risk of construction and the distribution or concentration of values. Expected values ​​are primarily the responsibility of inspectors and insurance companies.

Literal Meanings of Amount Subject


Meanings of Amount:
  1. A set of items, especially a combination of one or more items in number, size, price, or scope.

  2. When adding (amount)

Sentences of Amount
  1. For many, the game is a joy

  2. Total loss of over 10 million

Synonyms of Amount

be equivalent to, aggregate, load, mass, equal, count as, make, bulk, quantity, be equal to, sum, come to, weight, run to, volume, be, represent, size, total, add up to, group, quota, number, consignment


Meanings of Subject:
  1. A person or thing that is discussed is defined or dealt with.

  2. A branch of knowledge that is taught or taught in schools, colleges or universities.

  3. Citizen or member of a non-sovereign country.

  4. A noun phrase

  5. An idea or feeling that opposes the conscious mind, the ego, especially something outside the mind.

  6. Unbearable or likely to be affected (certain conditions or events, usually undesirable or traumatic)

  7. Dependent or conditional.

  8. Under authority

  9. Under condition

  10. Cause or severity of the condition

  11. Keep in your jurisdiction (a person or country), usually by the use of force.

Sentences of Subject
  1. I have said everything that needs to be said on this subject.

  2. Mathematics is not my best subject

  3. The law only applies to English subjects

  4. This style is formal, prefers nouns as subjects and objects, and often changes or excludes the main verb from the subject.

  5. In the latter case, some go so far as to speak without hesitation to the subject or the self, the ego, or even the soul.

  6. The proposed merger will be submitted to shareholders for approval.

  7. Laws that make Congress subject to law

Synonyms of Subject

concern, discipline, national, susceptible to, depending on, branch of study, subject matter, specialty, conditional on, put through, thesis, bound by, course of study, constrained by, at risk of, issue, text, disposed to, vulnerable to, inhabitant, easily affected by, in danger of, course, apt to suffer from, question, branch of knowledge, answerable to, treat with