Ammonium Oxide

Ammonium Oxide

What is the chemical formula of ammonium oxide?

Where did you hear that, especially someone who obviously sings just to read chemistry?

(NH4) 2O.

Ammonium oxide is missing. These molecules will be destroyed by water and ammonia.

(NH4) 2O Â '2 NH3 + H2O.

A common way to express ammonia / water solution is NH3 + H2O »NH4OH. But it is also an absent ideological connection. When you add NH3 to water, you get NH3 solution in water.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Ammonium hydroxide, also called ammonia, ammonia, ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or aqueous ammonia, is a solution of ammonia in water. The symbol can be denoted by NH3 (aq). Although the name refers to salt with the compound [NH4 +] [OHÃ '], it is currently not possible to separate the NH4OH sample because it occurs only in aqueous solution.

NH4 + is not an alkali metal, but forms halides, nitrates and other salts such as K + and Na +.

In a solution of 1 m ammonia, 0.42 am ammonia is converted to ammonia, NH4 +, which is equivalent to a pH of 11.63.

Ammonium Oxide