American Fellowship Church

American Fellowship Church

Is American Fellowship Church Legal or Fraud?

All churches are bullies.

American Parish Church

Do you ask yourself if this program is a gospel or illegal to teach and practice the evil words of the gospel? However, understand what you are reading.

I was deported and ordered by the American Fellowship Church and the answer was that the answer is more than service, what do you do with it. I have never been fooled and it is a very safe bet that they will never work too long and trust me too much. I am deeply grateful to the AFC Ministry and I am delighted that it has chosen its membership for its organization and licensing.

My website includes:

You will preach whatever you want to hear in order to attract them to their congregation. If this is fraud, they will try to sell you things to people to trade / raise money / send abroad.

All scams revolve around money and various methods or forms to get it.

Like people who are victims of Ponzi scheme, they are trapped in greed!

American Fellowship Church