American agency system

American agency system,

Definition of American agency system:

  1. While many insurance customers these days are accustomed to calling different insurance companies and comparing quotes online, an independent agent, working in the manner known as the American agency system, does the work of researching different policies and companies on the customer's behalf. This may help a customer obtain a better deal.

  2. Also known as the independent agency system, a system where insurance is sold through independent agents.

  3. American agency system is a method of selling insurance policies in which independent insurance agents locate the best insurance policies for their customers and receive a commission for each insurance policy sold. The American agency system uses independent agents who can sell policies from a wide variety of companies, unlike captive agents, who can only sell one company's insurance products.

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Management agent and insurance sales system through independent agents who can represent more than one company and sellers receive revenue from the insurance commission. (See author's contradiction.)



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