Definition of Amenities:

  1. Additional features (such as high quality fixtures, proximity to shopping centers or schools, striking or unique design) that enhance the desirability, and often the appraisal value, of a property.

  2. A desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.

Synonyms of Amenities

Facility, Service, Convenience, Resource, Utility, System, Appliance, Aid, Advantage, Comfort, Benefit, Arrangement, Opportunity, Cakes and ale, Ceremonies, Civilities, Civility, Comforts, Comity, Conveniences, Convention, Courtliness, Creature comforts, Decencies, Decorum, Dignities, Diplomatic code, Elegance, Elegancies, Etiquette, Excellent accommodations, Exquisite manners, Formalities, Gentilities, Good form, Good manners, Graces, Manners, Mores, Natural politeness, Point of etiquette, Politeness, Politesse, Proprieties, Protocol, Punctilio, Quiet good manners, Rites, Rituals, Rules of conduct, Social code, Social conduct, Social graces, Social procedures, Social usage

How to use Amenities in a sentence?

  1. The property is situated in a convenient location, close to all local amenities.
  2. The amenities he was searching for in a new apartment building included close proximity to public transportation, on-site laundry facilities, and pet-friendliness.
  3. Jeffrey was excited after he received his new bonus and could finally start shopping for a new car, he planned on finding a car with all the amenities , he planned on having every bell and whistle.
  4. Last year I looked at an apartment building that had small rooms but the amenities were so nice I almost took it anyway.

Meaning of Amenities & Amenities Definition