Definition of Amendment:

  1. Change in a legal document made by adding, altering, or omitting a certain part or term. Amended documents, when properly executed (signed by all parties concerned), retain the legal validity of the original document. For construction or supply contracts, amendment refers to change made before the contract is awarded, any change made afterwards is called modification.

  2. A minor change or addition designed to improve a text, piece of legislation, etc.

  3. An amendment is a change or an addition to the terms of a contract, a law, or a government regulatory filing. Any such document can be amended with the consent of the parties involved.

  4. One of the most common types of amendment is a simple extension of the terms of a contract.

Synonyms of Amendment

Revision, Alteration, Change, Modification, Qualification, Adaptation, Adjustment, Great Leap Forward, Addendum, Addition, Advance, Advancement, Alteration, Amelioration, Ascent, Attachment, Bettering, Betterment, Bill, Boost, Calendar, Change, Change of allegiance, Change of heart, Change of mind, Clause, Companion bills amendment, Correction, Dragnet clause, Editing, Emendation, Enacting clause, Enhancement, Enrichment, Escalator clause, Eugenics, Euthenics, Furtherance, Headway, Hold-up bill, Improvement, Joker, Lift, Melioration, Mend, Mending, Motion, New birth, Omnibus bill, Paragraph, Pickup, Preferment, Privileged question, Progress, Progression, Promotion, Proviso, Question, Rebirth, Recension, Reclamation, Recovery, Recrudescence, Rectification, Redaction, Redemption, Reform, Reformation, Regeneration, Renascence, Renewal, Repair, Rescript, Rescription, Restoration, Revampment, Revisal, Revise, Revised edition, Revision, Revival, Rewrite, Rewriting, Rider, Rise, Saving clause, Upbeat, Uplift, Upping, Upswing, Uptrend, Upward mobility

How to use Amendment in a sentence?

  1. An amendment to existing bail laws.
  2. It is an addition or correction that leaves the original document substantially intact.
  3. The confusing wording of the document was unacceptable to John, therefore he would not sign until an amendment was made to it.
  4. A more drastic change generally requires a new document.
  5. The salesman made an amendment to agreed car lease stating that the buyer would not have to pay the first months payment which was originally mandatory in the lease.
  6. After I ordered carpet for the new house, I realized I had forgotten one of the rooms. I had to call the contractor to write an amendment to our contract to include the additional room.
  7. An amendment is an attachment to a law, document, or contract.

Meaning of Amendment & Amendment Definition