Amendment / Amended Return

Amendment / Amended Return,

Definition of Amendment / Amended Return:

  1. A revised tax return (using Form 1040X) is filed to review the previous year's tax return.

Literal Meanings of Amendment / Amended Return


Meanings of Amendment:
  1. Minor changes or additions to improve text, litigation, etc.

Sentences of Amendment
  1. Changes to existing warranty rules

Synonyms of Amendment

revision, adaptation, qualification, change, adjustment, alteration, modification


Meanings of Amended:
  1. Make small changes to (text, rules, etc.) to make them better or more accurate, or to take into account changing circumstances.

  2. Improve texture or fertility (soil)

Sentences of Amended
  1. Rules have been changed to apply to non-members only.

  2. Improve your soil with compost or manure

Synonyms of Amended

adapt, adjust, modify, revise, change, qualify, alter


Meanings of Return:
  1. To come or return to a place or person.

  2. Give, keep or return (something) to a place or someone.

  3. Return or accept (win)

  4. (Selector) Select (a person or party) for the office.

  5. Keep changing the direction (of the wall), especially at right angles.

  6. Walking or returning to a place or activity.

  7. An official report or statement was sent in response to the formal request

  8. Choice for office.

  9. The button is pressed to return the electric typewriter carriage to a certain position. In the word processing program, a key is pressed on the computer keyboard to return the carriage or to indicate the end of the data command or string.

  10. Part 2 away from the line, for example facing home or opening a window.

Sentences of Return
  1. Return to Canada in the fall

  2. Fill out the registration form and send it to this address

  3. The company reported a profit of 4. 3.3 million

  4. Democrats sent him back to the third district

  5. Celebrate your safe return from war

  6. Product areas continue to grow for maximum profit.

Synonyms of Return

come back, arrive home, adopt, make, hand back, choose, put in power, diary, revenue, send back, information, file, statement, gain, income, pay out, bring in, returns, write-up, opt for, get back, account