Definition of Ameliorate:

  1. To improve or make better. The medicine properly ameliorated his symptoms, and he felt much better. The changes he made to the system ameliorated the problems it had been having, and it started to work without a glitch..

Synonyms of Ameliorate

Accommodate, Acculturate, Adapt, Adjust, Advance, Alleviate, Alter, Amend, Be changed, Be converted into, Be renewed, Better, Boost, Bottom out, Break, Break up, Bring forward, Change, Checker, Chop, Chop and change, Civilize, Come about, Come along, Come around, Come on, Come round, Convalesce, Convert, Deform, Degenerate, Denature, Deteriorate, Develop, Deviate, Diverge, Diversify, Edify, Educate, Elevate, Emend, Enhance, Enlighten, Enrich, Fatten, Favor, Fit, Flop, Forward, Foster, Gain, Gain ground, Get ahead, Get along, Go ahead, Go forward, Go straight, Graduate, Grow better, Haul around, Help, Improve, Improve upon, Jibe, Lard, Lift, Lighten, Look up, Make an improvement, Make headway, Make progress, Make strides, Meliorate, Mend, Mitigate, Modify, Modulate, Mutate, Nurture, Overthrow, Perk up, Pick up, Progress, Promote, Qualify, Raise, Re-create, Realign, Rebuild, Reconstruct, Recuperate, Redesign, Refine upon, Refit, Reform, Relieve, Remake, Renew, Reshape, Restructure, Revamp, Revive, Ring the changes, Shape up, Shift, Shift the scene, Show improvement, Shuffle the cards, Skyrocket, Socialize, Straighten out, Subvert, Swerve, Tack, Take a turn, Take off, Transfigure, Transform, Turn, Turn aside, Turn into, Turn the corner, Turn the scale, Turn the tables, Turn the tide, Turn upside down, Undergo a change, Upgrade, Uplift, Vary, Veer, Warp, Work a change, Worsen

Meaning of Ameliorate & Ameliorate Definition