Ambulatory Setting

Ambulatory Setting,

Ambulatory Setting Definition:

  1. Medical facilities, such as surgical centers, clinics and doctors' offices, where outpatient-based medical care is provided.

Literal Meanings of Ambulatory Setting


Meanings of Ambulatory:
  1. Relative or walkable

  2. A walkway, especially a street or a church or a convent.

Sentences of Ambulatory
  1. Continuous outpatient dialysis.

  2. The arch in front of the old clinic


Meanings of Setting:
  1. The place or environment in which an object is placed or an event takes place.

  2. A piece of metal on which a gem or jewel is placed that forms a gem.

  3. A piece of vocal or coral music made for some words.

  4. Short to cover.

  5. The speed, height or temperature that can be set to operate the machine or device.

  6. Place, extend, or straighten (something) in a particular place or position.

  7. Putting or putting in a special condition.

  8. Set (time or time), usually to indicate the correct time.

Sentences of Setting
  1. A romantic home in a beautiful setting on the Y River.

  2. Hand grenade on a huge mountain of gold

  3. Yevtushenkos Dark poetry frame.

  4. If you think the room is getting too hot, check the thermostat setting.

  5. Delaney put down a cup of tea.

  6. The Home Minister launched a legal review

  7. Set your watch to local destination time immediately.

  8. Cook for another 35 minutes until filling is complete.

  9. Sunset and warm red light fill the sky.

  10. Good waves can be carried from the end of the earth before the rivers flow north.

  11. The school was attacked and set on fire.

Synonyms of Setting

adjust, pose, calibrate, sink, context, plant, prop, plonk, coordinate, dip below the horizon, backdrop, pop, dump, position, lay down, background, collimate, decline, habitat, situation, mise en scène