Definition of Ambiguous:

  1. (Language) is open for two-way interpretation

  2. Obscure or uncertain is a vague phrase that is not easy to understand and can often be interpreted in different ways. Something that is ambiguous can sometimes be deliberately or intentionally misleading because the interpreter does not understand its true meaning. Website Terms or Product Guarantees may cause users not to understand the consequences of certain practices if they do not disclose explicitly.

Synonyms of Ambiguous

Indefinite, Confusable, Self-contradictory, Tenebrous, Unknowable, Half-and-half, Problematic, Incomprehensible, Indeterminate, Unprovable, Fishy, Combined, Beyond understanding, Amphibolous, Motley, Unforeseeable, Oxymoronic, Uncertain, Multivocal, Double-faced, Varied, Indistinct, Mixed, Irresolute, Fifty-fifty, Puzzling, Polysemantic, Unconvinced, Vague, Unconfirmable, Capricious, Unverifiable, Conglomerate, Inscrutable, Dicey, Unpredictable, Doubting, Enigmatic, Open to argument, Amalgamated, Changeable, Complex, Impenetrable, Amphibolic, Heterogeneous, Many-sided, Unintelligible, Whimsical, Hesitating, Jumbled, Fickle, Amphibological, Skeptical, Touch-and-go, Patchy, Questionable, Equivocatory, Unsearchable, Ambivalent, Polysemous, Eclectic, Equivocal, Wavering, Unsure, Ironic, Incognizable, Rambling, Unfathomable, Inarticulate, Mingled, Composite, Enigmatical, Compound, Unsettled, Indemonstrable, Misty, Obscure, Arguable, Paradoxical, Undependable, Multinational, Chancy, Greek to one, Incalculable, Erratic, Unpersuaded, Compounded, Suspect, Ambivalent, Undefined, Intricate, Miscellaneous, Multiracial, Incoherent, Cryptic, Variable, Unaccountable, Syncretic, Open to debate, Pluralistic, Blended, Numinous, Misleading, Dubious, Promiscuous, Inconclusive, Debatable, Antinomic, Agnostic, Indecisive, Dappled, Unreliable, Foggy, Oracular, Hesitant, Unclear, Opaque, Thrown together, Equivocal, Medley, Unconnected, Amphibious, Scrambled, Past comprehension, Indiscriminate, Multifaceted, Doubtful, Undivinable, Mysterious

How to use Ambiguous in a sentence?

  1. Because the teachers' words were irrational, the students did not know if the first draft or final document had to be submitted by Friday.
  2. The language of the roll book on this book is not clear: there is no clear answer for me to base my decision.
  3. An ambiguous sentence.
  4. Twice a week the word is ambiguous because it could mean it happens every two weeks or twice a week.

Meaning of Ambiguous & Ambiguous Definition