Definition of Ambiance:

  1. The character and atmosphere of a place.

  2. The appearance of a place (shopping, restaurant, tourist spot, etc.) that creates a unique and sticky atmosphere or climate (forcing people to come and stay there).

Synonyms of Ambiance

Air, Tenor, Atmosphere, Flavour, Mood, Character, Feeling, Quality, Echo, Complexion, Look, Aura, Tone, Climate, Vibrations, Spirit, Feel, Impression

How to use Ambiance in a sentence?

  1. Rex loves the restaurant's lively and lively atmosphere, but unfortunately the best atmosphere doesn't hide the restaurant's expensive and frustrating food.
  2. It's a lot of fun to go out with friends and find a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere so everyone can feel more comfortable.
  3. Guests enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the cocktail bar.
  4. It is important to create the right environment for a new spa. Therefore, a lot of time and care is taken to ensure that the interior colors are soft, the furniture is comfortable and the music is right.

Meaning of Ambiance & Ambiance Definition