Definition of Ambassador:

  1. An accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country.

  2. Highest ranking diplomatic representative of one sovereign state to another. He or she is the chief officer of an embassy which is normally located in the capital of the country. The person chosen as an ambassador must be acceptable to the host country and may be declared persona non grata before or after taking up the office. Diplomatic immunity and personal safety of the ambassador (and that of his or her staff) are formally guaranteed throughout the world since the 1815 congress of Vienna and were amplified by the 1961 Vienna Convention On Diplomatic Relations. See also high commissioner.

Synonyms of Ambassador

Envoy, Diplomat, Ambassador extraordinary, Ambassador plenipotentiary, Plenipotentiary, Consul, Attaché, Chargé daffaires, Emissary, Legate, Nuncio, Papal nuncio, Representative, Deputy, Agent, Ambassadress, Apostolic delegate, Attache, Career diplomat, Chancellor, Charge, Commercial attache, Consul, Consul general, Consular agent, Delegate, Deputy, Diplomat, Diplomatic, Diplomatic agent, Diplomatist, Emissary, Envoy, Envoy extraordinary, Foreign service officer, Internuncio, Legate, Messenger, Military attache, Minister, Minister plenipotentiary, Minister resident, Nuncio, Plenipotentiary, Representative, Resident, Secretary of legation, Vice-consul, Vice-legate

How to use Ambassador in a sentence?

  1. This person was a special representative as he was an official ambassador for the country of Chile so we treated him with much respect.
  2. The French ambassador to Portugal.
  3. Davids background in foreign service and international affairs lead to him being appointed ambassador to Greece, however once there the diplomat was arrested for DUI and thanks to diplomatic immunity, he was only sent home instead of being charged.
  4. In her role as ambassador , Susan was able to communicate effectively the desires of her native country to the officials of the country in which she currently resides.

Meaning of Ambassador & Ambassador Definition