Amazon Access Code

Amazon Access Code

Amazon security code? 3


I ordered makeup from Amazon and asked for a security password. Say the following

Security password (optional)

If you live in a housing development or building and you have permission to share access codes, you can enter them here. If you provide your code, the carrier is more likely to deliver your package to your door.

I live in an apartment building. What is a secure access code? And should I provide the code?

Thanks in advance

Security code

Some apartment buildings have electronic locks on the front door or gate. A code number is required to unlock. If you give the code number to Amazon, a courier can come and drop the package off in an unsafe outer area near your door. (This package is more secure if left inside).

If your building does not have this type of security gate, skip this part of the ordering process.

Amazon Access Code

Amazon Access Code

If you need to enter the code to enter your building, you can provide it so that the deliverer can enter your apartment. If you do not have this code, just ignore the question.

What does password security mean because I'm new to Amazon and I want to buy it there but I don't know what it requires?

It is not necessary !! I have an access door !!

Amazon Access Code