Aluminum Metal Or Nonmetal

Aluminum Metal Or Nonmetal

Is aluminum metal or non-metallic? Why .

Towards my work ...

Because aluminum is a metal.

1. Capable of donating 3 electrons and by metal definition, metal is a substance that releases valence electrons.

2. Came back

3. It is flexible, i.e. spread in plates, and ductile, i.e. spread in threads.

4. It is solid at room temperature.

5. High boiling and melting spots

6. Metal reacts with water to form hydroxide and aluminum reacts with water to form aluminum hydroxide.

Is aluminum a metal?

Aluminum is a metal because it is hard, forms a positive ion, is an electrical and thermal conductor, has a melting point and a bright silver color.

It is a metal, although it is not a transfer metal because it is inferior and conducts electricity. Other non-transferable metals are lithium and gallium.

Metal You will see this transition line on your IC table. Aluminum and I think H (red liquid) have no non-metallic properties. :)

Aluminum Metal Or Nonmetal