Altura Manu Gavassi

Altura Manu Gavassi

How high is Singer Mano Gavi ??? Can I be 10 pounds right?

1 meter cm I do not regret ...

2 meters and 60 centimeters.

At an altitude of 1.52 meters! Set E to general information if you:

Manu Gius Sub:

Name: Manuela Latin Givi Francisco.

Date of birth: January 4, 1993

Idea: 17 years old

Height: 1.52 m²

Weight: 36 kg

Role: Carnio.

Movie: 500 days with it.

Band: Never set.

Singer: Christopher Drew.

Singer: Taylor Swift

Cast: Taylor Lautner.

Actress: Selena Gomez

Favorite meat: rice, beans, beans and sweet potato fries.

Its height is 1.52.

It helps

10 bridges each)

Altura Manu Gavassi