Alternative Majors To Nursing

Alternative Majors To Nursing

Alternative nursing professions? 3

Well, I'm studying nursing and studying in the spring, but I'm not sure I want to be a nurse right now. I mean, I like the idea of ​​becoming a nurse and helping people, but here are some things that caught my attention, like not everyone goes to nursing school or it takes a lot of effort to get into it. ۔ Are there other alternative jobs / careers in nursing? I don't mind finishing work and applying, I just want to make sure I have a backup plan.

Radiology, overvoltage. Technology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or maybe an LPN if you can't join a registered treatment program right now. Optional courses may be tailored to one of the areas of expertise taken.

Everyone should have 3 careers in life so that they can always work, no matter what the economy is doing. You are no longer in nursing, you are only applying to school. People aren't sure what to do, like taking a 14 week CNA or HHA course and seeing if they should care about other people. It's more than just helping people, it's a job, a stressful job that requires all your attention and responsibility.

People can also help people with customer service jobs. But if you want to work in LAs there are radiology technicians, there are trained people in s, there are physics theses, there are people writing and editing dissertations, there is an oncology service, there is a social worker in geriatrics , There is a filler, etc. These schools are usually professional rather than university degrees. If you don't go to school yet, you have to work and save for school.

It depends on what interest you have in nursing ... is it science or caring for people? This will give you alternative ideas. Stay in biology or move on to social sciences. He will guide you step by step. I now!


Xraytech. And / or MRI technology!

Alternative Majors To Nursing