Alternative Depreciation System (ADS)

Alternative Depreciation System (ADS),

How To Define Alternative Depreciation System (ADS)?

  1. Definition of Alternative Depreciation System (ADS): The Alternative Depreciation System (ADS) is a method that needs to be used by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxpayers to determine acceptable prices on business assets. ADSs have long payment schedules that typically reflect a declining balance of income flows. If the taxpayer decides on an alternative depreciation system, it must apply to all assets in the same category that were operated in the same year.

    • The Alternative Depreciation System (ADS) is a method that allows taxpayers to calculate the amount of depreciation that allows the IRS to extract certain business assets.
    • Depreciation is an accounting method that allows a company to spread the value of an asset over its expected useful life.
    • An alternative depreciation system allows taxpayers to increase the number of years of declining asset prices.
    • The General Depreciation System (GDS) allows taxpayers to accelerate the rate of decline in asset prices by recording the maximum value in the first years of the asset's useful life.

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