Alter ego

Alter ego,

Definition of Alter ego:

  1. A persons secondary or alternative personality.

  2. Legal doctrine that lifts or pierces the corporate veil (limited personal liability of the stockholders in a limited liability firm) and holds the directors and stockholders personally liable for the firms debts. It is applicable generally where it can be shown that the firm is merely a conduit or front for the personal dealings of certain individual(s). And that, in effect, the firm does not exist as a separate and independent entity envisaged in the corporate legislation. Latin for, the other I.

Synonyms of Alter ego

Equivalent, Peer, Fellow, Coequal, Like, I, I myself, Acquaintance, Advocate, Ally, Alter, Alternate, Alterum, Amicus curiae, Analogon, Analogue, Associate, Attorney, Backer, Backup, Backup man, Best friend, Better self, Bosom friend, Brother, Casual acquaintance, Champion, Close acquaintance, Close copy, Close friend, Close match, Cognate, Companion, Complement, Confidant, Confidante, Congenator, Congener, Coordinate, Correlate, Correlative, Correspondent, Counterpart, Deputy, Dummy, Ego, Equivalent, Ethical self, Executive officer, Exponent, Familiar, Favorer, Fellow, Fellow creature, Fellowman, Fidus Achates, Figurehead, Friend, He, Her, Herself, Him, Himself, Image, Inner man, Inner self, Inseparable friend, Intimate, It, Kindred spirit, Lieutenant, Like, Likeness, Locum, Locum tenens, Lover, Man Friday, Mate, Me, My humble self, Myself, Near duplicate, Neighbor, Number one, Obverse, Oneself, Other self, Ourselves, Parallel, Paranymph, Partisan, Pendant, Pickup, Picture, Pinch hitter, Pleader, Procurator, Proxy, Reciprocal, Repository, Representative, Right hand, Right-hand man, Second in command, Second self, Secondary, Self, She, Similitude, Simulacrum, Sister, Soul mate, Stand-in, Strong right hand, Subconscious self, Subliminal self, Substitute, Such, Suchlike, Superego, Supporter, Surrogate, Sympathizer, Tally, The like of, The likes of, Them, Themselves, They, Twin, Understudy, Utility man, Vicar, Vicar general, Vice, Vicegerent, Well-wisher, You, Yours truly, Yourself, Yourselves

How to use Alter ego in a sentence?

  1. In the flesh she is a million miles from her photographic alter ego.

Meaning of Alter ego & Alter ego Definition