Alt Text (or Alternative Text)

Alt Text (or Alternative Text)

Added alternative text to the HTML code of images to allow visually impaired website visitors to obtain detailed information about the image. Alt text also allows search engines to crawl images and thus aids in SEO rankings.

An attribute added to the HTML of images that is used to provide visually impaired website visitors with information about the content of the image. Best practice is that all images on a website have an alternate text and the text to describe the image.

Literal Meanings of Alt Text (or Alternative Text)


Meanings of Alt:
  1. The treble of a particular voice or instrument, one octave above the upper treble.

  2. A state of excitement, a heightened emotional state.

  3. An alternative or secondary character.

  4. Alternative account.

  5. Alternative investment or fund.

  6. Emerging sequentially in a temporal or spatial order, first one, then the other (repeatedly).

  7. Refers to members of a series who regularly meet between members of another series, ie B. odd or even number of digits every two seconds.

  8. Another variation.

  9. (of leaves) Individually distributed at different heights of the stem and equidistant in angular deviation.

  10. It refers to choosing between two or more options.

  11. Apart from one other thing.

  12. Not traditional, not mainstream, underground.

  13. Alternative, among themselves.

  14. The absolute elevation of a place, usually measured from sea level.

  15. Vertical distance.

  16. The distance measured perpendicular from the top of the figure to the other side of the top.

  17. The angular distance of a celestial body above the horizon of our earth.

  18. Promotion in rank or excellence in excellence.

  19. (plural) heroic rousing and haughty melodies.

  20. Highlight or grade.

Sentences of Alt
  1. Liquid variants.

  2. The alternate pick is a technique for playing the guitar.

  3. Replace 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.

  4. He lives in an alternate universe and reality.

  5. Many trees have an alternate arrangement of leaves (for example, birch, oak, and mulberry).

  6. Alternative suggestion.

  7. As the altitude increases, the temperature drops, so be sure to pack warm clothes on the mountain.

  8. The perpendicular height of a triangle is called the height.


Meanings of Text:
  1. A letter made up of several glyphs, characters, characters, or phrases.

  2. A book, volume, or other collection of essays.

  3. A short written message sent between mobile phones.

  4. Data that can be interpreted as human readable text.

  5. A verse or passage of scripture specially chosen as the subject of a sermon or doctrinal test.

  6. (extended) Anything chosen as the subject of dispute, literary work, etc.

  7. Also writing in large letters, the kind used in printing.

  8. To send a text message, eg TIME. to transfer text using the Short Message Service (SMS) or a similar service between communication equipment, especially mobile telephones.

  9. Send and receive SMS.

  10. Write in large letters, as in handwriting.

Sentences of Text
  1. German text.

  2. I'll text you the address as soon as I find it.

  3. Are you texting all day?.

Synonyms of Text

text hand, message, topic, theme, SMS, text message


Meanings of Or:
  1. A binary inclusive operator, or true if at least one of the two input values ​​is true. In infix notation.

Sentences of Or
  1. He could have cancer, or he could get hit by a bus, or knows what.


Meanings of Alternative:
  1. A situation that allows for a mutually exclusive choice between two or more options. A choice between two or more options.

  2. One of many mutually exclusive things to choose from.

  3. The remaining option is available when other options are exhausted.

  4. Alternative rock.

  5. It refers to choosing between two or more options.

  6. Apart from one other thing.

  7. Not traditional, not mainstream, underground.

  8. Alternative, among themselves.

Sentences of Alternative
  1. Alternative suggestion.

Alt Text (or Alternative Text)