Definition of Alloy:

  1. Metal blended with one or more other metals or non-metallic substances (called alloying elements) that change its properties and structure. Alloying adds new or superior qualities to the base metal, such as corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity or resistance, greater hardness, softness, or strength, etc.

Synonyms of Alloy

Carboloy, Duralumin, Duriron, German silver, Monel Metal, Muntz metal, Stellite, Swedish steel, Admix, Admixture, Adulterate, Aggregate, Allay, Alloy iron, Alloy steel, Alloyage, Alnico, Alter, Amalgam, Amalgamate, Amalgamation, Babbitt, Bell metal, Bemingle, Blend, Brass, Bronze, Bush metal, Canker, Carbon steel, Case-hardened steel, Cast iron, Change, Cheapen, Chisel steel, Chrome-nickel steel, Cinder pig, Coalesce, Coarsen, Coin nickel, Coin silver, Combination, Combine, Combo, Commingle, Commix, Commixture, Compose, Composite, Composition, Compound, Concoct, Concoction, Confection, Confound, Conglomerate, Constantan, Contaminate, Corrupt, Cupronickel, Damask, Debase, Debauch, Decarbonized iron, Defile, Deflower, Degenerate, Degrade, Denature, Dental gold, Deprave, Desecrate, Despoil, Devalue, Die steel, Diminish, Distort, Drill steel, Elinvar, Emulsify, Ensemble, Fuse, Fuse metal, Fusion, Galvanized iron, Gilding metal, Graphite steel, Green gold, Grid metal, ■■■ metal, Hard lead, Hash, High brass, High-speed steel, Homogenize, Hot-work steel, Immingle, Immix, Immixture, Impair, Infect, Integrate, Interblend, Interfusion, Interlace, Interlard, Intermingle, Intermix, Intermixture, Intertwine, Interweave, Invar, Jumble, Knead, Leaded bronze, Magma, Manganese bronze, Merge, Mingle, Mingle-mangle, Misuse, Mix, Mix up, Mixture, Moderate, Modify, Naval brass, Nickel bronze, Nickel silver, Paste, Pervert, Pewter, Phosphor bronze, Pig, Pinchbeck, Poison, Pollute, ■■■■■■■■■■, Ravage, Ravish, Red brass, Rose metal, Scramble, Shot metal, Shuffle, Silicon bronze, Silicon steel, Solder, Spiegeleisen, Stainless steel, Steel, Sterling silver, Stir up, Structural iron, Syncretize, Taint, Temper, Throw together, Tombac, Tool steel, Toss together, Tula metal, Twist, Type metal, Ulcerate, Violate, Vitiate, Vulgarize, Warp, White gold, White metal, Work, Wrought iron, Yellow brass, Yellow metal

Meaning of Alloy & Alloy Definition

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