Allowances means,

The definition of Allowances is: Your W4 Form number used by your employer to calculate the amount of income tax that will be deducted from your wages. The higher the rebate amount, the lower the income tax deduction.

Meanings of Allowances

  1. Give (someone) some money as extortion.

  2. The amount of something that is allowed, especially in a set of rules or for a specific purpose.

  3. The amount paid to a person on a regular basis to meet needs or expenses.

  4. Tolerance.

Sentences of Allowances

  1. I decided to give

  2. Your luggage allowance

  3. Parents receive a heating allowance each winter

  4. The division of slavery in the south

Synonyms of Allowances

legacy , inheritance , prize , pay , allotment, bounty , pension , upkeep, cut , fellowship , lot, benefit, bequest , remittance , sum of money, stipend, annuity, lot , honorarium , remittance, allocation , measure