Allowance For Bad Debt

Allowance For Bad Debt,

Definition of Allowance For Bad Debt:

  • An Allowance for Suspicious Accounts is a Valuable Account used to estimate the value of accounts receivable by a company that eventually defaults. It is also called bad credit loan. If the borrower defaults, the borrower's money reduces the allowance for debt losses and debt balance claims.

    • An Allowance for Suspicious Accounts is a Valuable Account used to estimate the value of accounts receivable for a company that ultimately defaults.
    • Lenders use bad loan allowances because the fee value of the recipients' total accounts is not actually the amount received.
    • The key to estimating allowances for suspicious accounts is the sales method and the accounts receivable method.
    • According to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the basic requirement for allowance for dubious accounts is that it accurately reflects the company's deposit history.

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