Allowable Expenses

Allowable Expenses,

What is The Definition of Allowable Expenses?

Expenditure exclusively for commercial purposes, ie fully and exclusively for commercial purposes. Examples include vehicle operating costs, rent, repairs and accounting costs.

Literal Meanings of Allowable Expenses


Meanings of Allowable:
  1. Permitted, specifically under a series of permitted conditions.

  2. (Amount of money) is not considered tax for tax purposes.

Sentences of Allowable
  1. The loan agreement is extended for a maximum of three months

  2. Taxes are paid after deducting eligible expenses

Synonyms of Allowable

above board, legitimate, acceptable, tolerable, in order, tolerated, legal, proper, permissible, authorized, admissible, within accepted bounds, within the law, approved, passable, allowed, lawful, permitted, sanctioned, sanctionable, all right, licit


Meanings of Expenses:
  1. Incl costs or necessities of something.

  2. Compensation over taxable profit (expenses incurred)

Sentences of Expenses
  1. Conference rooms are expensive

Synonyms of Expenses

cost, price