Definition of Allocate:

  1. Distribute (resources or duties) for a particular purpose.

  2. Distribute a cost or expense over two or more accounting periods, or charge it to two or more activities, departments, or products.

Synonyms of Allocate

Allot, Assign, Issue, Award, Grant, Administer, Devote, Align, Allot, Allow, Appoint, Apportion, Appropriate to, Array, Assign, Assign to, Collocate, Compose, Deal, Deal out, Deploy, Destine, Detail, Dispose, Distribute, Earmark, Emplace, Fate, Fix, Get a fix, Give, Home in on, Install, Line, Line up, Localize, Locate, Lot, Make assignments, Mark off, Mark out for, Marshal, Mete out, Navigate, Ordain, Parcel out, Pin down, Pinpoint, Place, Portion off, Position, Put in place, Rally, Range, Regiment, Reserve, Restrict, Restrict to, Schedule, Set, Set apart, Set aside, Set off, Set out, Situate, Space, Spot, Tag, Triangulate, Zero in on

How to use Allocate in a sentence?

  1. You need to allocate all of your funds to the appropriate accounts so that everyone gets what is owed to them.
  2. You must allocate your expenses to the right investments so that all of the money goes where it should be going.
  3. Despite his investment bankers reassurances, Dan thought it unwise to allocate all his 401k savings to opening a worm farm.
  4. The authorities allocated 50,000 places to refugees.

Meaning of Allocate & Allocate Definition