Allergic Reaction To Maybelline Bb Cream

Allergic Reaction To Maybelline Bb Cream

Has anyone had a negative reaction to Maybelline BB Cream? 3

I've been using Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, yes, and for about an hour now, and today my face is really puffy with lots of red PS! It hurts and feels like burning on my skin! I can't believe my face shape. What can I do to get rid of it? I want to cry right away. :( Thank you very much ...

I haven't commented on this particular product, but my skin is sensitive and when that happens I use a relaxing lotion for sensitive skin (Brits Bay is a good one) and also a peppermint face mask. Which helps reduce headaches. Like itching. If not, avoid it and try not to wash your face whenever possible (drying your skin will only make things worse).

I have been using regular Maybelline Pink Cream for over a year now. But I recently ran out of electricity and ran to my local store and bought a new pack. Unfortunately, when they added Egrant Extract, the formula changed and my skin became irritated immediately. Attention!

I myself and many others know that I use this product and I have never seen a problem like yours. You seem to be allergic to UCT. I will see your dermatologist. They must have had some kind of reaction.

I had exactly the same reaction! I don't know why, I'm afraid to try new products now because it took two weeks for my face to heal and it's just cracking. I see you're fine now.

Oh, it happened to me. The last time I applied the cream I immediately felt my face warm, but when I was in the restaurant I waited until I applied it myself, then took it off again. This morning, mistake. And the redness increases, my face burns. I hate it, it looks like my face is burning in the sun.

I already. But it makes my face dry: ((

And I think my holes are open after using it so much.

Allergic Reaction To Maybelline Bb Cream